Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Released

Veeam has finally released, in the last days, the new version of its main product, Backup & Replication.

I wrote finally because the high number of new capabilities and enhancements make this release one of the most awaited in the product history.

The Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 What’s New document is really impressive and it’s hard to choose what to extract.

Advanced ReFS integration for Windows Server 2016:

The integration with the new version of the Microsoft file system introduces a lot of exciting new capabilities and performance improvements.

The Fast clone technology will permit to obtain super-fast synthetic full backup, reducing backup windows and storage load.

The Windows ReFS characteristics will also ensure storage space savings and backup integrity.

VMware vSphere infrastructure cache:

Anyone who has worked with Veeam Backup & Replication knows the slow GUI response browsing the VMware Infrastructure hierarchy.

There is now a caching mechanism or in-RAM mirror of vSphere infrastructure hierarchy that corrects this behavior and accelerates the job start phase.

Parallel processing for full VM restore:

The restore performance of the product are never been particularly exciting and this restore acceleration technology will be highly appreciated.

Direct restore from tape:

I’m never been a huge fan of this archiving technology but tapes are far from dying because too many companies need them.

Another long-awaited feature, it is now possible to restore from tape without staging files in a repository, improving RTOs and saving storage space.

File to Tape performance:

Anyone who has used this functionality, maybe to store on tapes a large amounts of files, for instance protecting a files server, has found poor write performance.

Now this capability has been dramatically improved especially thanks to the configuration database optimizations that have been applied.

Proxy Affinity:

It is now possible to bind backup proxies to specific backup repositories, a new option that is very useful in large deployments.

Basically Proxy Affinity determines which proxies can access a specific backup repository, limiting read and write permissions.

Color themes:

Finally, we can now choose different GUI colors!

A detailed step by step guide has been provided, 🙂

For updated information about Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 check the following link: