Vembu BDR Suite – Creating VMware Backup Job

In the previous posts of this series we have introduced the Vembu BDR Suite and explored the installation process.

After that, to manage the product, open the dedicated management web page.

In order to backup VMware virtual machines, a vSphere vCenter, or ESXi Host, must be added to the inventory.

To start creating the job select Backup, VMware vSphere, click Backup and choose at least a machine.

To exclude a virtual machine or any disks select VM(s)/Disk(s) Exclusion.

Specifically, to exclude a disk, select Exclude Disk(s), Select VM(s) and choose the machine from which to exclude disks then click Add.

Click on Edit Disk Exclusions, select to backup only the system disk or make a selection, then click Add then Save.

Click Next to manage Guest Processing.

If it’s needed to create an application-consistent backup, select Application Aware Process, select to require successful VSS Snapshot or to ignore eventually failures, add the required credentials, optionally instruct the software to truncate transaction logs, then save the settings.

Click Next to manage Schedule.

Using the default settings, an incremental forever method is applied but it’s also possible, and recommended, to take additional full backups deciding how many of them store in the repository.

Click Next to manage retention policy and storage settings.

Select Enable Retention, choose from Basic and Advanced Retention and select which repository use.

Essentially the basic retention policy is based on incremental merge of retention points, setting how many daily merged recovery points to keep, while the Advanced retention policy let the user to manage GFS schemes.

To further understand the Vembu’s Approach to retention policy I suggest to read this official post.

Click Run Now to execute the job immediately.

As usual, a snapshot of the virtual machine is taken and, obviously, the backup progress can be monitored.

That’s all for now, in the next post we will go trough the restore process.

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