PernixData FVP 3.0 – Overview and Installation

PernixData has released the new version of his FVP product, a software solution that accelerate workloads by using SSDs and RAM to cache reads and writes, lowering storage latency. What’s New in FVP 3.0: Support for vSphere 6.0 A stand alone HTML5 User Interface Performance and scalability improvements Ability to rename the PRNXMS database Online Read more about PernixData FVP 3.0 – Overview and Installation[…]

Proximal Data AutoCache – Overview and Installation

The interest in caching software prompted me to try another product that is Proximal Data AutoCache. Proximal Data has been founded in 2011, in 2012 they introduced AutoCache, in 2013 AutoCache 2.0 and lastly, in 2014, AutoCache for Microsoft Hyper-V. AutoCache is a caching solution designed specifically to accelerate machine density and performance in virtualized Read more about Proximal Data AutoCache – Overview and Installation[…]

PernixData FVP – Administration and Host Extension Module Upgrade

Administration The basic steps to start to use PernixData FVP are the following: Create a Flash Cluster Add Flash Devices Add Virtual Machines or datastores Add the flash devices that will accelerate the workloads. Then associate the virtual machines or the datastores to the FVP Cluster. One of the most important decisions to be taken is which kind of write Read more about PernixData FVP – Administration and Host Extension Module Upgrade[…]

PernixData FVP – Installation

Before install PernixData FVP check the requirements. Supported Hardware: ESXi Hosts Servers : Any server listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide for ESXi 5.0, 5.1 and 5.5 Flash Devices : Any flash device listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide for ESXi 5.0, 5.1 and 5.5 Storage Adapters : Any 4Gbps or higher FC adapter, 1Gbps or Read more about PernixData FVP – Installation[…]

PernixData FVP – Overview

PernixData FVP is a software solution that raises storage performance, provides more IOPS, increases throughput and lowers storage latency. Flash devices across servers are clustered to provide high-speed resources that accelerate reads and writes to shared storage. PernixData hase been founded in 2012 and, in 2013, they announced the first release of FVP. It has grown very rapidly Read more about PernixData FVP – Overview[…]

5nine V2V Easy Converter

Converting a virtual machine is a common task in today’s IT environments. Usually to reduce costs, companies decide to change hypervisor or to use more than one. Recently I was looking for a tool to convert VMware vSphere virtual machines to Microsoft Hyper-V. 5nine V2V Easy Converter performs fast and non-intrusive conversion of VMware Virtual Machines to Read more about 5nine V2V Easy Converter[…]

HGST Virident ServerCache

HGST Virident ServerCache is a caching software that uses SSD and RAM to accelerate I/O operations. It can be used with any SSD and block-based storage without disruption to applications, storage or data and is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows Server 2008 R2 (Full/Core) Windows Server 2012 (Full/Core) Windows Server 2012 R2 (Full/Core) Read more about HGST Virident ServerCache[…]