Dell NetVault Backup – SmartDisk Overview and Installation

The Dell NetVault SmartDisk is a disk-based backup and data-deduplication option that reduces storage costs using a byte-level, variable-block-based software deduplication. The main benefits are reduced storage costs, shrank backup windows e speeded restores. The options has the following features: Simplified disk-based backup Byte-level, variable-block software-based deduplication 12-to-1 deduplication ratio Hardware agnostic Post-process deduplication Rapid Read more about Dell NetVault Backup – SmartDisk Overview and Installation[…]

Dell AppAssure – Overview and Installation

Dell AppAssure is a data protection software solution that combines backup, replication and recovery of Windows and Linux machines. The product has the following main features: Forever incremental snapshots, backup schedule up to every five minutes. Live recovery, near-instant recovery technology, possibility to access  data directly from the backup image. Universal recovery, unlimited recovery options Read more about Dell AppAssure – Overview and Installation[…]

Dell NetVault Backup – SQL Server Backup and Restore

As we have seen in previous posts, Dell NetVault Backup utilizes packages, called plug-ins, to protect different types of applications and data. The current version (10.0.1) of the plug-in for SQL Server supports the following editions: SQL Server 2005 SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2008 R2 SQL Server 2012 SQL Server 2014 The following backup Read more about Dell NetVault Backup – SQL Server Backup and Restore[…]

Dell Kace K1000 – GPO Provisioning Tool

Starting with version 6.0 of its systems management appliance, Dell released a tool called K1000 GPO Provisioning Tool. It’s a Windows-based software for Kace agent deployment to Windows systems. The tool integrates into Active Directory and Group Policy Object to apply settings and perform the Kace agent installation. Dell recommends to use this tool to deploy agents because Read more about Dell Kace K1000 – GPO Provisioning Tool[…]

Dell Wyse vWorkspace 8.5 – Quick Start Wizard

Dell released, at the end of 2014, the new version of its high-performance desktop virtualization software. Wyse vWorkspace 8.5 is the main conponent of Dell’s end-to-end Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspace desktop virtualization solution. This new version provides the following main features: Client-hosted desktop virtualization – Wyse WSM (Streaming Manager), provides OS Streaming for Desktop, OS Read more about Dell Wyse vWorkspace 8.5 – Quick Start Wizard[…]

Dell Kace K1000 – Configuration Overview

In a previous post we’ve seen the initial setup of a Dell Kace K1000 appliance. To complete the configuration open the Administrator Console, click Settings and browse the configuration pages. Control Panel, where manage network settings, LDAP user authentication, security settings, patch subscription and so on. Users, where manage local and imported LDAP users. Roles, where manage the available roles, create Read more about Dell Kace K1000 – Configuration Overview[…]

Dell Kace Systems Management Solutions – Overview and Deploy

Kace is the Dell family of systems management solutions that provides all the functionality needed for deployment, management and retirement of corporate devices. The solutions are appliance-based, both hardware and virtual, allowing very fast and simple deployments. For the virtual appliances both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V are supported hypervisors. In addition, Dell offers Kace Read more about Dell Kace Systems Management Solutions – Overview and Deploy[…]

Dell NetVault Backup – File System Restore

To start creating a restore job using Dell NetVault Backup select Create Restore Job from the navigation pane. Here it’s possible to apply filters, make searches and read Saveset informations. Select a Saveset anch click Next. Browse the folders tree and make the selection. By default items are restored to the original position but it’s also Read more about Dell NetVault Backup – File System Restore[…]

Dell NetVault Backup – File System Backup

Before starting to create backup or restore jobs using Dell NetVault Backup it’s important to understand the concept of set. A NetVault Backup Set is a group of settings that can be applied to one or more jobs. This technique, adopted by many other backup and recovery software vendors, introduces two main advantages: it ensures consistency Read more about Dell NetVault Backup – File System Backup[…]

Dell NetVault Backup – Basic Configuration

In the previous post we’ve seen how to install Dell NetVault Backup. To start using the product there are some some basic steps to perform. Firstly I set the password of the default Administrator account that is admin. In the navigation pane click Manage Users, select Admin and click Edit. Click Password, leave blank the current Read more about Dell NetVault Backup – Basic Configuration[…]

Dell NetVault Backup – Overview and Installation

NetVault Backup is a comprehensive backup and recovery software solution provided by Dell. It consists of the following components: NetVault Backup Server, is the main component and it provides the core services of the solution. NetVault Backup Clients, are the machines protected by NetVault Backup. NetVault Plug-ins, are packages used to protect different types of Read more about Dell NetVault Backup – Overview and Installation[…]

Dell vWorkspace – Template Creation

One of the most important aspects working with a VDI environment concerns the creation of the templates and Dell vWorkspace makes no difference. The basic steps that I follow, when I have to create a template, are the following: VHDX creation with the recommended block size (2MB) Operating System installation Windows Update Domain join Remote Desktop enablement Read more about Dell vWorkspace – Template Creation[…]